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Curtis McCosh. Presenter. Cool FM

1. If you have a passion for radio and dream of becoming a presenter, get involved in radio in whatever way you can. It might be presenting shows on hospital or community radio, or ‘making the tea’ at a local commercial station. If you can get a foot in the door, you’re one step closer.

2. Be prepared to work for free! If you’re presenting shows on community or hospital radio, chances are you won’t be getting paid for it. In some cases, it might even cost you money in travel to get to the radio station, BUT you’ll be gaining invaluable experience!! 

3. When you’re in the radio station environment, learn as much as you can! Learn the in’s and outs of the play-out system, learn how shows are put together, learn about everything you can in the station. When you turn up to a station on work experience or for an interview and already know how stuff works, the programmer will find it hard not to be impressed! 

4. Before sending your demo to programmers, get some people to listen to it! Don’t be afraid to send it to other presenters who you look up to, to get some constructive criticism. You’d be surprised at how many are actually happy to provide feedback, after all, every presenter has been in your position! 

5. Don’t give up. There are times it will seem like NOBODY is replying to your emails, but radio stations are busy places, so keep positive and keep learning.  You never know when you’ll get that phone call! 


The Pips radio training sessions

  • How to create radio that is unique & STANDS OUT
  • What to put in your demo to increase your chances of being noticed
  • How to break into radio

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