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Kejal Kamani. Producer. BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio 2 & 1xtra

Subject Knowledge

The difference between a great producer and an average one is how much you actually know about your own show. If it is a specialist music show, make sure you immerse yourself into the genre of music to the point where you know every little detail. If you are working on a current affairs show make sure you are up to date with everything that is happening in the world. All this knowledge will help you inspire your presenters in their time of need during a show.

Listen to a lot of radio

The more you listen to a variety of radio the more you start to understand how much effect producers have on a show. Always try to think how you would have executed a certain segment that you’ve heard. Radio is evolving everyday, especially with social media. You need to be up to date with what is happening across different platforms around the world. You can never listen to enough radio.


You probably hear this a lot from people, but this really is key during a live show. As a producer I am always anticipating the worst situation that could happen and how I would react to it i.e. Have back up CDs, have important contact numbers to hand, always have a plan B. If you are organised in the studio then you have more time to be creative while on air.


Working in radio is not exactly one of the highest earning careers, but you need to be able to keep yourself motivated. Be prepared to learn new skills and always keep focused on the long term goal. You have to keep knocking on doors and be prepared for plenty of set backs.

Get lucky

If you do all of the above then it sets you up to be a good producer but it doesn’t guarantee you a job. Over the years the most important thing I have learnt in this industry is that 60% is luck, 20% is knowing you have the luck and 20% is knowing how to use the luck.

Good luck.


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