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Radio producer


The Pips are here to help you try and achieve whatever you want to do in the radio industry. Whether you wish to be a presenter, producer, newsreader, a full time radio professional or your aim is to just help out your local community radio station, The Pips will try to help you achieve your goal.

We cannot guarantee you a job in radio, but we can guarantee you impartial help and advice. You have access for free to lots of hints, tips & advice from people within radio. We offer training, information on the latest jobs in radio, free demo critiques and a platform with our Talent Database to showcase your talents and increase the chances of being discovered. 

The ultimate aim of The Pips is to help every person that wants to work in radio take that next step closer to fulfilling your ambitions. Radio has always been a tough industry to break into but it is tougher today than ever before. You need plenty of determination, ambition and self belief to get into radio and that is why The Pips are here, to help you.



  • We promise to offer you good, solid, dependable and honest advice at all times.
  • We promise to let you showcase your abilities using our site. Load up a demo and sell yourself.
  • We promise to listen to and critique your demos. Our feedback is always honest & constructive. If we think your work could be better, we tell you how it could be better.
  • We promise to coach, train and to try & help you improve your abilities.
  • We promise to make it easier for your talent to be noticed as we will let the radio industry know you exist.
  • We promise to bring you interesting and informative interviews with seasoned radio professionals who will offer advice on how you could get into radio.
  • We promise you encouragement to keep going.
  • We promise to tell you about the latest job vacancies which are perfect for people who wish to break into radio
  • Remember, we cannot promise you a job in radio but we can promise all the help you may need to get that step closer.