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Adem Waterman. Producer. Absolute Radio

Work experience. Be valuable. If you find yourself having nothing to do, or some quiet time, don’t just sit on Facebook. Know the station you’re working for and do some research for them (On this day facts for socials, maybe you’ve overheard someone making a documentary etc), tidy the office – I know someone who got a job from their ingenious cup drying invention. Most importantly, be upbeat, punctual and willing. You will be sending out post and contacting competition winners. Don’t shy away from the “remedial” jobs.

Network. Network like hell. Go and meet people working in radio. Whether that’s a Radio Academy event, a talk or volunteering at your local community station. Meet as many people as possible and ask for as much advice as possible. If you’re on work experience or an internship and you get invited for Friday drinks – snap at the chance. You never know, you may get lucky and hear of new job opportunities.

Ideas. Every great producer will have ideas. If you think yours is absolutely brilliant, don’t be scared to share it with other producers or presenters. Let them have it if you don’t have the chance to use it. Another great ideal will pop into your head. Radio is all about team work.

Be open to learning. Being a producer isn’t just about being in a studio or being able to edit. You need to learn how to deal with talent. You also need social media skills, video editing skills and most importantly, great judgement. It’s 360 degree field. You may be amazing at production, but if you can’t use a desk, create a tweet or publish a video, you may struggle. The basics are easy to learn so download some free software and get cracking.

Be confident. You’re going to get a lot of challenges thrown your way and you may work with difficult talent. The most important thing to do is be bold and confident. A live studio can be daunting at first glance, but if you push the wrong button no one is going to get hurt. Have a clear head and lots of confidence and you will be able to resolve almost any problem


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