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All of our training sessions are lively, informative & fun. We use power point presentations & audio examples in our sessions which are between 45-60 mins in length. We also offer a question & answer session at the end that can cover all aspects of radio. 

Our training sessions.

Creating unique radio that stands out.

  • We talk about how to create unique radio that can make you stand out from the rest.
  • We make you think more about doing more with your radio show. 
  • We have different audio examples to demonstrate radio that really stands out.
  • We demonstrate how you can create unique radio with the simplest of ideas.
  • We make you think different about your show and more about impacting your listeners.
  • We teach you that OK is not a good enough standard in radio.
  • We help you do more to get noticed.

How to create a demo that gets you noticed.

  • The importance of your demo & how to create one.
  • We give you an insight in to what radio programme bosses look for.
  • We talk about what to put in your demo & what to not put in your demo.
  • We give you audio examples from presenter demos.
  • What to do with your demo when you have created one.
  • We can teach you the best ways to find & work radio contacts using your demo.
  • We can take away any demos with us and offer full honest, constructive feedback via email.

How to find your break into radio.

  • Stories & experiences of how we at the Pips found our break into radio.
  • Advice & tips to help & encourage you when you feel like giving up.
  • Tips on finding & working contacts that could help you break into radio.
  • How to STAND OUT with when you apply for a job.

PRICE. It is £150 per training session (exc travel expenses) but we do offer a discount if you book more than one session. We always try to work within a radio stations budget.

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you to arrange coming to your radio station and payment.

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Group/Individual Pips Radio Training Sessions

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I first met the Pips in my first year of student radio, I had no idea how to structure my demo or what industry bosses looked for. After a session with the Pips, it gave me a boost in confidence and a clear understanding of what programme controllers are looking for. My work was critiqued and I knew exactly what to improve on.

Yasser. BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra