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Tom Reeves. Former Content Manager. Free Radio

1. Learn to tell a story. Watch, listen & learn the best radio presenters, TV presenters & stand ups. Nick Knowles is superb at emotional stuff & Peter Kay & Michael McIntyre make the everyday relatable and funny.

2. Have an opinion, on everything! *But don’t base your ‘act’ on someone else. Be true to you. Find your own path.

3. Learn about language, communication & body language. Have a ‘voice’ that everyone can relate to.

4. Get experience & graft when you do. Be prepared to do a lot of dogs body jobs to prove yourself. IE Make tea, move sofas, fix equipment etc.

5. Make yourself irreplaceable. Learn everything about a station when trying to get a foot in the door. Nothing impresses more than understanding a station.


The Pips radio training sessions

  • How to create radio that is unique & STANDS OUT
  • What to put in your demo to increase your chances of being noticed
  • How to break into radio

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