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  – Persistence. And once you’ve had more knock backs than you’d ever dreamed of, be persistent some more.

@Dribb  – Greg James once told me to never give up, no matter how many set backs you get and what other people are doing around you.

@emil_franchi – Grab the opportunities in front of you early on and be prepared to move around for them if you have to!

@mikeacthomas – If on air, just be yourself !

@leeontheradio – Keep trying and never ever give up

@neilveglio – Be useful. Be SO useful you become a nuisance and be the kind of person people WANT to work with.

@jocknroll – Have a driving licence. Mobility/flexibility is important.

@FrostysaurusRex  – Always be prepared to give something a go. Self-doubt, and others will doubt you too.

John Isherwood – Never say no. Always make yourself available and indispensable and never stop learning

Enda Caldwell – Watch, listen, learn be prepared to work for nothing, move country, sacrifice normal life.

Tim Lichfield – Show enthusiasm, but don’t be annoying! It’s not a ‘normal’ life and you’ll probably have to relocate. Work hard and don’t say no!

@MWilliamsRadio – Be persistent. If you get a “no” don’t take that as a sign to give up.

Scott McGerty – Last in the race. Others will give up way too easily so make sure you’re there the whole way through.

 – Even when the doors appear to be shut, keep on knocking, and be ready for when one is left ajar…that’s your time to nip in

@AdamVenton – Never say no, become that go-to person and eventually you’ll become invaluable.

Naz Premji – No matter what happens never give up. One of my current radio opportunities came about after 5 years of constant contacting a certain producer.

James Macdonald – If you get invited in for a chat, don’t wear a suit. Always ask for feedback. Although a lot of people won’t give you any, there’s always some that will take time to help someone who’s where they were once. Lets face it any feedback is better than none.

@RossOnRadio  – Know the job you want and target it. After 3 months on doorstep, they didn’t have the heart to not hire me for next opening.

@UzyHamman – Remain Original! Own your own voice…. Have a mentor but don’t try to sound like them.

@MelitaRadio – Never work for free on a promise – it won’t come. Only work unpaid on your own terms and with a clear benefit to you.

@Harri_H – Volunteer as much as possible, employers will see how passionate you are about radio and it will get you valuable experience.

@VoMasterClass – Join a hospital, student or community radio station and learn your craft.

@rosie_eisor – Perseverance!

Kejal Kamani – Set out thinking you want to be the best. No point having average goals.

@ollyradio – Be indispensable / as irreplaceable as possible.

@MikeGraveston – Offer something other than just being a presenter…expertise in Social media? Videos? Promotion? Be more than just a voice.

@jimallthetime – Don’t be a jock, a DJ or an anorak. Be a human. Care about people more than you care about radio. Radio doesn’t matter.

@Adamsmediaserv – Persistence!

@chrisbirks – Be the first you and not the second somebody else.

@DanGooding – Show that you DON’T know everything about the industry. Be willing to learn & develop, instead of being overconfident.

@Emily_News – Have a good demo. Send it to people.

@laughingradiodj – Persevere! Never give up.

 – LISTEN! To the radio, the news, your feedback… Be a nosey parker!

 – Don’t give up!

Emily Bull – Voice. Using your voice is a skill. Get training. Practice, practice, practice. Get feedback. Practice more.

 – It is a small world so network but be aware that everyone knows everyone. So think carefully about everything you do & say.

  – talk to listeners, not at them. And when you do, use content that is relevant, that they can relate to in their life. Demonstrating you can do that will count for an awful lot.

 – Learn everything within a station. You cannot just “be a presenter” anymore. You have to be a superstar!

 – Persistence!

 – Never give up, or settle. Say yes when any opportunity arises. Be persistent not annoying.

 – Be yourself. Push yourself. Go above and beyond.

@TOMMORADIO – Be yourself! Easy as that.

@RobinBlamires  Simply listen to and love radio. If the bigger radio peeps can sense that from someone who does, it’s a positive.

@Radio_Gorgeous – Be real, be yourself & have passion about your subject

@ThisIsOurCast – Listen to the station you are applying for. Do your homework and tailor your demo to that station. You’ve got 2-5 seconds to make me listen!

@lynseydolan – Keep knocking on doors eventually someone will answer you

@djdaledixon – Never accept “NO” – keep knocking on the door!

 - Be willing to do stuff for free. I did!

@ITtimmins  - Get into hospital/student radio, it's a brilliant way to gain skills on a voluntary level.

@AdamBysouth - Before I side-stepped over to telly (but the same advice applies) is to be like a sponge. Absorb everything. Be nice to people and offer to do everything. It will pay off. Also, don’t be scared of rejection. It doesn’t mean it’s a no. I perseverd and ended up with a weekend gig.

@InnovateAaron - Be persistent, be creative and be yourself.

@RadioDaimen - Offer to help out where you can and don’t always think ‘on-air’. This could be importing the new music, helping out at an outside broadcast or tech-op’ing the chart show. Always keep your name in the mind of the programme controller - you never know when you may be needed on-air. 

@temietietsola - Carve a niche, work on it and make yourself visible to professionals in the industry

@gazza7 - Don't ever be put off. The radio world is full of successful people who were told they wouldn't make it. Prove them wrong!

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Never say no, become that go-to person and eventually you’ll become invaluable

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