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Free Demo Critiques

Receiving honest and constructive feedback on your demo is absolutely vital to help you improve and create a demo that can stand out and get noticed.

If you would like a FREE demo critique, please send it to the Pips using the form below:

We do send some demos to people in radio to critique if we think 1. They're expertise will benefit you. 2. We think you have potential & would like somebody to hear your demo. We will only send your demo & NO personal details.

Wow! Thats some amazing critique!

In-depth, precise, explained, exactly what I'm after. Thank you so much

David Wooldridge. Reply after receiving a demo critique from the Pips


The Pips radio training sessions

  • How to create radio that is unique & STANDS OUT
  • What to put in your demo to increase your chances of being noticed
  • How to break into radio

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