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Scott Clarke. Radio Presenter.

Scott Clarke

Have confidence in yourself on air. Make sure when recording and sending a demo that you are 110% confident in how you sound. Look at this as your one shot, I’ve spent hours making a 2 minute demo as perfect as it can be!

Bespoke your demo! I guess if you’re just starting out and don’t have the use of a studio or recording facilities it’s a bit harder. Whenever I’ve approached a station I always record a bespoke demo for that station, it sounds hotter and that you really know the radio station you’re sending a demo to! And it also gives a PD a feel for how you could sound on their station!

Up your social media game. I’ve spent loads of time investing into my social media presence, as now it’s one of the first calling points for employers, be careful what you post but also show you’re active and can communicate with people on any level!

Be prepared for little pay and hard graft. It will be worth it in the long run. People think radio is glamorous, easy to get into and make loads of money. This very often isn’t the case and a majority of the people you listen to on air have all had to do the graft to do this as their job! If you love it and want it enough you will do anything to get it! Volunteer as much as possible if you’re starting out & reach out to people you love in the industry on Twitter, etc (we’re not monsters) We may have something valuable to tell you!

Don’t be late. A simple one, but a VERY important one. Even if you rock up somewhere an hour earlier, you’re keen and that’s not a bad thing.


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