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Ollie Anderson

17 year old award-nominated Presenter & Producer
Yorkshire & Lincolnshire
Ollie Anderson

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Radio/audio is my absolute life. I managed to get my first ever stint on FM radio in 2017, when I was just 14 years old on a community station. I had only one training session and the station manager decided to chuck me straight into the deep end, presenting a Saturday afternoon show. Since then, my absolute love for radio, both on air and off air, has grown immensly.

I pour my heart and soul into creating jingles, offering advice and working with other presenters, producing shows, fixing equipment and of course presenting my own shows. Whatever I can get my hands on, I will take the experience and hold it close. I've been given the most amazing opportunities - visiting local businesses, teaching others about radio and working with the BBC on multiple occasions. I give all my time to radio, because I honestly think it's the best thing in the world. I’m easy to get hold of, always ready to help, even if I’m not in the studio. I produce music promos and show trailers by selecting songs in line with music policy and recording scripts with presenters which are sent to our software, helping maintain the station sound. I edit interviews, levelling audio and adding jingles for our podcast page - sometimes they’re online 30 mins later.

I’m also trusted behind the scenes. I know how an analog studio is set up, XLRs, jacks, mixers, pre-fade buttons, gain dials, mixer levels, compressors, etc. I help set up outside broadcasts, adjusting the mixer, mic and speaker settings and I sometimes oversee our connection to football commentary. I’m also in charge of our Open Mic Night technical set-up. During a power cut I restarted PCs, checked broadcast equipment was operating as normal, all while switching to CDs - I was under pressure but remained cool. This prompted me to create an emergency folder of files ensuring we are up and running in less than 10 seconds. I step in whenever others can’t, whether it’s a social media post, updating the website or a presenter on information. Remote access from home meant I could oversee smooth operation of pre-records over Christmas, and can currently update the software and produce home broadcasts, all from my sofa. I’m currently being taught how the website works, learnt more about streaming by helping to fix issues with the software/hardware settings, logging and the importance of being compliant. I’m passionate and dedicated and broadcasting is my life.


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