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Lewis Bowden

Lewis Bowden

If I was a brand of butter I'd be Lurpack, the real deal, doesn't last that long, spends most my time in the fridge.
England North East
Lewis Bowden

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I like to think of myself as, probably, overly confident, highly ambitious, very honest and witty, (natural side effects of having 2 older brothers.) This sometimes comes off as being cocky or being too hard on myself, but it is just simply myself recognizing what I think I am good and bad at. Quick Overview of my Radio Background: I'm a second year Broadcast Media student at University of Sunderland. The main attraction for me being Spark. I throw myself in the deep end at every opportunity and when the time comes, massively regret it.

Future Lewis and past Lewis have quite a love hate relationship you see. Doing this landed my the role of Producer on the Breakfast show within my first month at Spark. After completing my training, I got my own Breakfast Show. I switched over to try DriveTime, (the early mornings are tricky when you live an hour away), and that is where I am too this day.

What I am Looking for: I am looking to learn what my next steps are, learn how I need to develop further. I definitely see myself at Radio 1 or Capital one day, doing the Breakfast or Drive shows. There is a lot I do not know about radio, so much stuff I don't even know I don't know. To get some work experience at Global or BBC would be unbelievable, or even to be able to sit in on a few shows, shadow someone. I need some honest feedback, where you do not hold back.

Experience: - Producer on Breakfast Show - Presenter on Breakfast Show - Presenter on DriveTime

Thanks, all help is appreciated.

  • Breakfast Show Presenter. 107FM Spark
  • Breakfast Show Producer. 107FM Spark
  • Drivetime Presenter. 107FM Spark


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