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Jeremy Chapman

Unorthodox and Unconventional
England South East
Jeremy Chapman

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Since I was a child I have had a love of Radio. I enjoy the escapism that radio offers people and the way it can bring people together, therefore I would love the opportunity to work in this role. For the last nine months, I have been working voluntarily at my local community radio station. During my time there, I presented and produced daily and weekly radios shows, assisted and trained new volunteers at the station and acted as a management consultant to the management team at the station. I also helped raise awareness to the radio station via the use of social media and growing their followers by 574%.

I have enjoyed every single part of that role but now the time has come for me to turn this passion into a career. I am very much a creative and I’m constantly looking for innovative ideas. I have a flexible attitude and I am willing to work whatever hours are needed. I am also an excellent team player and I can listen to instructions well and act upon my own initiative. I have a huge passion for music and I love attending concerts and listening to music from all types of genres and eras.


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