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Andrew Winn

Andrew Winn

Broadcast Journalist
Sportswriter, broadcaster, podcaster and on-air contributor.
Scotland Glasgow & West
Andrew Winn

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Thirty three-year-old sportswriter and broadcaster, originally from North Hertfordshire, now residing in Glasgow. I began blogging as a hobby in late 2006, primarily for my own interests alongside full-time employment. With the rise of social media, blogging and mobile internet, this quickly changed from ‘just a hobby’ into more and more freelance roles, and eventually the beginnings of a career. In support of this, in 2011 I began studying Sports Journalism at the University of the West of Scotland.

Over the course of four years I expanded my knowledge into beat reporting, broadcasting and project managing. I graduated in the summer of 2015 with first-class honours. Over the past three years I have been an on-air contributor to the RNIB Connect Radio team, primarily with their Early Edition show.

Trained in all aspects of modern journalism techniques, as well as audio and video production for podcasts and online videos, I feel I could be a vital contributor to a modern radio studio, newsroom, or publication.


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