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Matt Ventisei. Want to work in radio? Email and ask.....

Radio is a fun industry to work in. When I say work, it’s too much fun to be called work!!

I used to listen to radio and think wow, I want to do that for a living and now that is exactly what I do. If you are sitting there like I was, dreaming of being on radio, why dream when you can make it a reality! 

Yes. Radio is extremely difficult to get into, but if you try, try and try again you could one day end up in the studio hot seat pressing the buttons, moving the faders and talking to thousands of listeners a day. 

I love radio and I want to help people like you reach their dreams of working in the industry. You need to firstly be prepared to be shot down a good few times. It will feel like no radio station wants to hire you... Yup I have been there as have most people who wish to work in radio, but that does not mean for a second that you should give up. Instead it should motivate you more try and try again.

The first thing you should do is source out the local community/hospital/student/internet radio station in your area. Get in touch, get involved and try and get a show. You will end up recording some shows first before you get to go live but that is the start of your experience and it will help you on this fun adventure. Keep recordings of every link and every show you do. You will need these to produce your demo and it is always good to listen and learn from how you sound.

If you don't have a local community/hospital/student/internet radio station or you have been doing this and you are looking for your next step, then email your local commercial radio station. Ask them if they have any work experience opportunities even if it’s just an hour or so a week. I did this years ago with Capital FM and landed some work experience and it was the best thing I ever did. Try it and ask, what have you got to lose? Many friends and people in radio started their career in radio by just carrying out unpaid work experience. 

If you have some radio experience and need to prepare that life changing demo. Firstly listen to every link you have recorded. Ensure the links you are picking out are no more than 30-40 seconds long. Contain the topic in a nutshell. Make sure you don't drag out the link and you ramble on, it will soon turn boring and that's not what a radio boss wants to hear. They want to hear your creativity, hear your voice and they want to see how you will keep listeners tuned in to your show. 

Your links will need to be interesting and fun and have a purpose. You will need to sound enthusiastic and you’ll need to show you are what this radio station needs. Why should they hire you? 

Do not start your demo with sweepers or stabs stating your name or the stations name. Make sure the first thing heard is you. Make sure you edit it professionally and do not rush it. Take your time with your demo and make sure you get it right. This is like your art work that will land you that job of a lifetime. 

When you send your demo away, ask the person to send back any feedback they may have when they have any spare time. It is that feedback which will help you produce a stronger demo in the future. 

My advice over all is this. You need to be ready to be knocked back. You need to be willing to accept any constructive feedback given to you, this will help you so do not ignore it. Bag yourself as much experience as you can. Do not be thinking your going to get yourself a number one show straight away because you will not.

Be ready to put the hours in. Email stations asking for feedback. Don't bug the bosses to much, they are busy people. Learn to be persistent but not a nuisance. And finally. Just be you. You are what radio needs Enjoy the adventure!

About the author

Matt Ventisei

Matt Ventisei is the Drivetime & Weekend Presenter on 103 & 106.9 Your Radio in Dumbarton, Scotland. He is also a DJ/Host too.

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