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Lucy Inman, in her blog, looks at her favourite podcasts and why she loves them so much....

Robbie James in his Pips blog tells you about that moment when he realised a career in radio was for him.

One of my earliest memories of thinking radio is an industry I’d like to be involved in was listening to Chris Moyles on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show trying to learn the instrumental on a keyboard from Coldplay’s ‘Clocks.’

What is it about audio that attracts the nicest people? Whenever I put on a podcast or tune into a radio station I always feel like I'm about to hear from a friend. Last week I was looking for a birthday present in the overpriced food hall of Fortnum and Masons and I came across Bill Nighy in front of the Easter biscuit tins. The strange thing is that I am currently enjoying hi ...

Radio presenters should do their best to include listeners all the time. Your content should always have your listener in mind and you should work hard at engaging them & hooking them in. This is how you build a listenership and a following.

And many stations and presenters work hard at doing this on the air but what about social media?

They are back. Clarkson, Hammond and May with The Grand Tour. Big production, cult following and compelling viewing. For me, they are the perfect radio show & here is why.

Are you leaving university this summer? (You may have already left…)

Got that feeling in your stomach? Horrible isn’t it. Possibly the first real time out of education since you were 4 years old. I’ve been there! It’s that feeling of “what do I do now?”

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