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Andrew Wilson. Executive Specialist Producer. Kiss FM UK. Kiss Fresh. Kiss Dance

Always be available and prepared to work for free.

A lot of stations like Capital now offer internships where you can get hands on experience. Get involved as much as you can and offer your services for free.

If you are lucky enough to get an internship or work experience make sure you know everything about that station from presenters to the music they play.

We have found that passion and enthusiasm shines brighter than having the original knowledge. There is lots you can learn but having the right attitude from the outset is essential.

Never stop learning new techniques.

Radio never stands still and producers are always pushing the boundaries.

Listen around to every station you can around the world. See what producers are doing well and for ideas that could inspire you to make that next big production piece.

Listen to techniques being used in music.

Listen to as much music as you can. There are so many amazing techniques now being used in music that it’s where a lot of radio imagers like are self’s are looking inspiration.

We have just launched a brand new UK Station called Capital Xtra and music was our main inspiration for the package and sound.

Radio is not a 9-5 job so be prepared to work long hours.

Be prepared for long hours. Radio production is not a 9-5 job. It involves hard work and dedication. Be willing to put 100% effort in every single day.

Be open to learn.

Always be prepared to learn whether that be new ways to write scripts or production techniques. There are stacks of videos on line that show how certain sounds are created. If you hear something on a station you like. Get hold of the producer and ask them how they did it.

Audio producers are always passionate about what they do and are always willing to share how certain things are done.

Listen to others work on Soundcloud.

Lots of producers are now sharing their work on sites like soundcloud. Search around and listen to what other producers are doing. Get to know the differences between UK Production compared to the rest of the world.

When you make something, always get a few people to listen.

Its essential to always get others to listen to your work. When you stuck in a studio all day you will hear what you are making so many times you sometimes miss things so always get a second pair of ears to listen and give you feedback.

Finally always stay positive, passionate and honest and the right break will come along.


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