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Russ Williams. Presenter. talkSport, talkSPORT2, Russ & Jono

Always prepare. Your audience expects your programme to be what THEY expect. To fall short means, you will lose listeners.

Make sure you have a clear idea on what content you wish to share. Is it ideal for your target audience? Will it be engaging? If it is a feature will your content be good enough to encourage them to keep listening or join you on the following day for more. Try and seek out ‘unusual’ info that isn’t so well known.

Plan your links. Forget scrolling through social media every time you are playing a piece of music. What do you plan to do in two or 3 links time? What will be relevant or entertaining? Spend your time wisely, it will make all the difference.

Know instinctively when to shut up. Never make links abnormally long nor to short. View them as a mini story. A definite beginning, a middle and an end that doesn’t just fall off a cliff. There’s that ‘planning‘ again.

ALWAYS believe in yourself and your abilities. Don’t let bosses, colleagues or listeners sap your confidence. Sometimes its hard but you have to have absolute belief in what you do and your skills. You will sound confident, in control and get results.


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