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Lauren Mitchell. Breakfast Presenter. Northsound 1

  1. LOVE Radio

This one is the easiest one… Love radio by listening to as much as you can. Let other radio stations across the world inspire you. Listen to all kinds of radio as well, not just music stations. Listen and Learn (but don’t be a wee copycat).

Stand out.

  1. Understand and become the station

It will be impressive if you are passionate about the station that you want to work for. Do the research; know about your listener, the music, the motivations and the presenters. Find the best person within the station to contact and be personable with them. Find a different way to connect with them… its 2018, follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, connect on LinkedIn... grab their attention and this might take more than once to do. Ooh! Also, don’t be annoying but be persistent.

Stand out.

  1. Relax. (This is one I have to work at)

It is in our DNA to want to do our best all of the time but it is also easy to be very self-critical and feel under confident and uptight. BUT, people will love you if you relax, be relatable and are completely yourself. Prepping for a show will help with this. I use 3 different sheets of prep to make sure I don’t forget anything and can always add something special to a link. Find a position in front of the mic that works best for you. Sit back, relax and have FUN! After all, it is the best job in the world.

Stand out.

  1. Make EVERYTHING about the audience

Radio is a very intimate and personal medium. It is you and the listener. We all have someone in our life that LOVES to talk about themselves and sometimes it can get boring very quickly and does not engage you. It is good to bring personality to the link but you want to make it about the person who is listening. Talk to them directly as though you are sitting right next to them and having a drink with them. Make sure they will feel included in a link – use the pub analogy: ‘invite them onto the table, don’t just let them look over from the bar’. 

Stand out.

  1. Social Media is your best friend

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Instagram. Snapchat. Bebo. Myspace. MSN. (Ok… not the last 3.) USE THEM! Social media is at your fingertips and can be a very useful tool to network with people. You should use it to promote yourself, your work and your job, however, be very careful with what you post as many employers check these things even before they listen to your demo. Represent yourself at all times.

Stand out.

Good luck! If you want it – you will get it.


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