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Ditchy. Freelance Radio Presenter.

1, Firstly Don’t give up trying, seriously don’t, it took me 3 years and 47 rejection letters till I got a foot in the door.

2, Don’t whatever you do start your demo with the weather! Get straight into your best most compelling bit that showcases who you are and what you do.

3, Listen to the radio! Not just UK it’s easy to listen to all kinds of radio all over the planet now, and the best presenters are always learning and honing their craft, see what the others are doing and learn from them but don’t copy from them.

4, following on from 3, don’t copy as you need to be YOU that extended part of your personality let it out and shine and find your voice

5, Don’t be afraid of asking people in the business for advice, ping them an email send them your demo to have a listen to, the good ones will always get back to you.


The Pips radio training sessions

  • How to create radio that is unique & STANDS OUT
  • What to put in your demo to increase your chances of being noticed
  • How to break into radio

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