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Charlie Powell. Presenter. Capital & Capital Dance

Networking! Contacts are one of the key ways to break into radio. Coffee’s & chats are always a win. It is so vital to network but also important to bring value when you network. Not that you should overdo it, but just network with the people in the field that you’re really interested in. Whether it be Production/Presenting/News/Social Media etc. Pick their brains. Stroke their ego’s. Offer your services. Follow up. Make sure you’re at the forefront of their mind.

Get involved with student radio/local radio. Start small, I learned such fundamental basics in student radio and working in community stations, it is a playground for creativity! Get yourself trained up. Learn the basics, learn what it’s like in a live environment. And practice. This is a good time to find a field within radio you’re really interested in too. Try not to be too picky when you arrive too, you may begin by making tea or answering the phone and that’s a great start.

Portfolio. Make the most of your social media is a good start, employers look straight at your Instagram if they’re considering you for a role. SHOW YOUR PASSION TOO! Getting a portfolio together with your CV is a great way to do that. People like to see what you do! This really paints a picture for an employer with what your interests are and where your talents lie. They won’t know unless you show them.

Do as many internships/work experience placements as you can. Graft. It pays off! Seek volunteer or internship positions. Bear in mind that there can be a fair bit of competition even for unpaid work, so having a portfolio and contacts will really help here and put you Infront of the others. If you impress employers during these, it can sometimes lead to freelance work/paid opportunities. Independent production companies are a good start. Local stations as well.

Listen to radio, so much radio! This is so important. Behind every radio show is a radio producer making it happen.. when you listen, you can analyse it, listen to the production techniques, content ideas, learn from it, and enjoy it too.

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