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Arran Sheppard. Radio Presenter/Producer. Greatest Hits Radio

Be prepared for the hard work

Many people think presenters get it easy, but they don’t! Be prepared to be your own worst enemy, sit with your boss and listen back to yourself on a weekly basis all while creating relatable/engaging content for every show you do, it is not always as easy as it seems — especially for those presenters on air every day!

Get in and get out

If you have a great piece of content, get into it quickly and get out of it quickly. There is no need to dance around the subject before getting into it or waffling during the link, all that will do is confuse your listener and they will subconsciously just switch off because they are lost and confused. Get straight into the gritty bit, and get yourself straight out!

Do not be afraid of silence

If you can master using pauses and overcome the fear of being silent during your links for brief moments, you are on to a winner. Pauses when used correctly can create such tension and depth to a link. They are also the perfect way to allow your listener time to think and take in what you just said.

Make EVERYTHING relatable

If your listener can relate to what you are saying, they will connect with you because they can actually relate to you. The more you do this the stronger the relationship and connection you will create between you and your listener.

Most importantly be real, be you and have fun!


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