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David Salt

How to not get a job on the radio!

I want to work at BRMB‘ is what I told my careers teacher back in Year 10. ‘Do you not want to do a proper job?’ was her reply. That made me more determined.

I got here eventually, after a fair few e-mails that are probably still unread – which is why I make a point of replying to anyone who takes the time to write. You can thank my mother for bringing me up with manners.

So, if you have someone’s attention, don’t waste that opportunity. The below are extracts from a genuine email I received last week.

“I am a radio presenter and have done some interviews with Dave Benson Phillips. If you would like me to send a demo of them interviews please let me know”

It is crucial that you understand who you are writing to. What are they looking for? We’re a music radio station that is proud to broadcast to the West Midlands. We look for entertaining presenters who can deliver this brief. Is an interview with Dave Benson Phillips going to demonstrate what we’re after?

Whilst any audio you send is important – the words you use are also crucial.

I currently work on a community radio station. I can do the graveyard shift. I would be happy to work on any of your stations that are based in Birmingham.

We’re part of the Bauer City Network and so we won’t be looking for overnight presenters based in Birmingham, thank you – Manchester, perhaps! You have an opportunity to show attention to detail, demonstrate your passion and show a real understanding and knowledge of who you’re writing to. That speaks volumes.

A great presenter crafts the words they use on the air. They consider every word they use to create maximum impact. Do that that in your e-mail, and on your twitter – because who you’re writing to will probably stalk you online to get a more rounded view of what you’re about.

If you have that rare gift – please, whatever you do, give yourself the best chance. We’re always going to need the very best talent and first impressions really do count.

Right, back to my non-proper job. I’ve got a budget spreadsheet that needs some attention!


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