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Dan Noble. Radio Presenter. Kerrang Radio & Absolute Radio

Listen to the radio!

Sounds obvious right? The amount of demos I hear that make it sound like the presenter doesn’t listen to the radio…listen to the radio! Find out what you think works well and what you think doesn’t so much. Listen to various stations and formats - find out what you enjoy listening to and what you feel you can be passionate about.

Be willing to work for free at the start

Everyone’s got to start somewhere! It could be student radio, community radio or hospital radio. These are all ways in which you have the freedom to be pretty much as creative as you like and learn the technical stuff!


Keep an open mind and learn how to do various jobs in the industry. Learn how to tech-op, how to schedule, how to produce a show, how to edit phone calls, how to produce imaging etc. These are all valuable skills and the more you can do, the more likely you are to get work!

Be a nice person

This goes without saying. Be friendly and nice and people will like you. You could be the best presenter/producer in the world but if the boss doesn’t like you, you’re not getting a job.

Enjoy what you do

Finally, have fun! Working in radio is the coolest thing and if you’re having fun, chances are so will your listeners.


The Pips radio training sessions

  • How to create radio that is unique & STANDS OUT
  • What to put in your demo to increase your chances of being noticed
  • How to break into radio

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