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Claire Kinnaird. Breakfast Presenter "Wake Up With Webster". Tay FM. Dundee

Tip 1: DON’T BURN BRIDGES. Radio is a pretty small community across the UK, with a lot of big companies and people talk!!! So always be nice – whether it’s work experience coming to an end, or the company aren’t needing your work at this point in time it’s important to *always* thank them for the opportunity, and NEVER leave with a bad vibe.

Tip 2: SAY YES. Trying to get into radio is tough – so if you’re offered ANYTHING say yes, make it work – even if it’s not what you want to do. I always wanted to be a presenter, and I was lucky enough to be offered a traffic and travel job pretty early on in my career, but alongside that I was still monitoring network shows – which basically meant sitting in a studio and during the ad breaks making sure they were playing on every station. It’s all about being in the environment. 

Tip 3: BE VISIBLE. This pretty much falls in the same bracket as saying yes to things. Anything that gets you in a station means that you’re there. And if you’re seen you’re more likely to be remembered for when jobs come up. It doesn’t matter what it is, street team, a little bit of production or being lucky enough to get a shot on air – you’re likely to be front of mind.

Tip 4: DON’T LET A REJECTION STOP YOU. There’s going to be times – and EVERY presenter has had this – where you get a knock back. Don’t let this dishearten you, or kill your passion. Unfortunately it is one of these things, radio is a tough industry, but it’s all totally worth it! So keep at it, take any feedback on board, let others coach you, listen to what’s being said and try again.

Tip 5: WORK HARD. This might seem like an obvious one, but put all you have into this. This is your passion, your opportunity and for the most of it YOU control your own destiny! Work hard and your break will come J You might think a lot of what you do goes unnoticed – it doesn’t… there’s always someone watching!

Be You and Be Fabulous! Good Luck on your journey!


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