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Dick Stone. Group Content Manager. JACK Radio Group

I like people who stress about the detail and understand the job of the demo is to get a call back, whilst demonstrating what you sound like, that’s all. That’s the objective of sending the email, the cd, the CV etc.

I always therefore recommend that you DON’T just send a demo unsolicited on email. I’m always banging my head against the upper limit of my email file size and so if you send me an email with a 10Mb attachment you make the matter worse. Since the job of the demo is to get a contact, then send an email asking if you can send a demo. That way you get (hopefully) an email back saying yes of course so I’m then expecting it, and also meaning I’m more likely to listen to it too. You the get TWO points of contact rather than one.

I like demos that display personality, that doesn’t mean “length of time talking” of course. I like demos that understand that it is being sent to a radio professional and so doesn’t need to intro, and setup. I get what it is.

I hate demos that start with the presenters jingle/id. I don’t need to hear it, you are demonstrating you, not the production.

I hate demos that try and sound like someone else. I want the first, YOU not the second, them!!.


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