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Chris Buckley. Ex-Content Controller. Bauer BC3/The Hits Radio

Chris Buckley

In these challenging times where there are fewer and fewer gigs available, here’s what I look for.

Engaging – Hook me in straight away, don’t make programmers wait to hear you at the best, put your finest moment at the very beginning.  If you have an original feature or someone else’s you do better, then start with that.

Structure – One of the most irritating things I find in a demo is laziness, you start at the top of the hour, then a song introduction etc.  I don’t want to hear lots of production or even a jingle with your name on.  Get to the meat of the link and get there fast, make me want to listen more, let me hear how you handle an S&P read, what are you like with callers and how do you forward sell.

Most of all – be you, I want to get to know you quickly, give me your feelings and emotions about subjects and don’t try to sound like someone else.  Let me hear you.


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