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Ben Anderson. Former Managing Editor, Capital Liverpool, Capital North West & North Wales & Capital Cymru.

Ben Anderson

When it comes to demos, I always like to hear people who have something unique to say – an observation on a topic that everyone will be talking about which only they’d come up with.

I always think it’s best to tailor demos for the brand you’re sending it to as well, rather than just one demo which is sent to everyone – the Managing Editor of Radio X will be looking for something very different to a Managing Editor at Capital. This isn’t always easy if you don’t have access to a studio – but if you can do it, it will make your demo stand out a lot more than something generic.

Finally, the email that accompanies a demo is almost as important as the demo itself – I don’t just hire people who sound great on the radio, I hire people who have a great work ethic, good understanding of the brand, and who will fit in to the wider team and our philosophy.

So, work on your cover letter and make sure you show the person you’re sending it to that you have a wider understanding of the industry and what goes in to producing a high quality show.


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