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The Pips – Newsletter August 2010

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Welcome to the Pips newsletter. This is our opportunity to inform you of what has happened on the site recently and what is coming up in the course of the next few months or so.


The biggest addition to the Pips of late has been our forum. We started this website with the idea of generating a online community that have the same dreams, desires and ambitions and allow you to communicate with each other. The forum is the place to talk about all radio – BBC, commercial, community,  student, hospital and internet as well as keep up with the latest news and to talk about radio in general. You can find the forum by clicking here.


We have recently interviewed the chair of the SRA, David Walker, about the role of the SRA and the Student Radio Awards later this year. Although the deadline to enter this years awards has now passed you can still listen to David to give you information about the awards that may help you in the future. The Student Radio Awards themselves are held in London in November and will be hosted by presenters from Radio 1 including winner at the awards in 05, Greg James. The Pips is now officially a proud supporter of the Student Radio Awards and you can listen to David’s interview by clicking here.

“The Student Radio Association is delighted to be working with an organisation whose goals are so similar to our own. We hope that by working together we can create more opportunities for people from all walks of life to develop their skills and knowledge of the radio industry, so that they may carry them forward into their professional careers within the radio and wider media industries.” – Sarah Ghost at the SRA


The Pips were delighted to interview Toby Whitehouse, co founder and station director of Manchesters newest radio station Gaydio. Toby spoke to the Pips about the development of Gaydio and where the idea first came from. Toby also speaks about the importance of community radio in todays media world and what he listens for in a demo that catches his ear. You can listen to Toby’s interview by clicking here.


The Pips recognises that the demo is the hardest part of being a radio presenter. Hours of material needs to be cut down to 2-3 minutes that demonstrates to others your style and personality. It sometimes is almost “mission impossible” and there are a number of does and donts regarding the making of a demo. We here at the Pips are asking programme manager across the UK from different radio stations at different levels of radio to offer their own tips on what they think makes a good demo. Recently we were delighted to add the demo tips from Carl Hartley, programme manager from Bolton 96.5 Fm and Dave Asher, programme manager of Peak Fm in North Derbyshire. We thank them very much for their time and help and more will be added to the demo tips page which can be found by clicking here.


We are always adding new blogs and we would like to thank so far Darryl Morris for his brilliants blogs  as well as those from John Isherwood, Chris Oakley and Terry Doyle whose blogs have been as equally brilliant. There will be more blogs from the aformentioned guys and more bloggers on the way, and we are always after more people to blog. So if you have a story to tell or an opinion you wish to shaer, please email us at and we will be in touch.


We would like to welcome to the Pips our newest members Adam Fawcett, Luke Marsden (yes, him from Big Brother) and Dotty McLeod. Every now and then we will pick on a members profile and publicise it on our Facebook profile which has over 1’500 “friends”, a number of whom work in full time radio and may well look and listen to the demo’s on the profile. We are actively publicising our database of talent to radio stations so if you have a profile right now and it hasn’t been completed then now is the time to do it. A full profile with text, picture and demo is naturally going to attract more attention than a profile which is only half completed so please remember to complete your profile the best you can.


So what is coming up on the Pips?! Well the first thing we will tell us is that we are currently in negotiations with a presenter from Radio 1 and another presenter from Capital Fm to be interviews by the Pips and that interview to be published and allow to read/hear what they have to say.

On top of that we have interviews lined up with other radio professionals who have a story to tell of how they got into radio and they each will offer their own advice and help on how you can do the same.

We are also in discussion with a few professional radio presenters who work at different radio stations across the UK to allow us to upload their demo onto our site for you to listen to and the presenter, in their own words, will tell you about their demo and the thought process behind it. We hope this offers an audio example of what to do with a demo which may help you in the future.


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