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Terry Doyle – Radio, The Intrusive Medium

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

rs solutions
Part 3: Written by Terry Doyle visit

So what is the solution to this? Well it is simple really. You need to specifically define who your listener is. Instead of saying you target 25 to 55, let’s say you build your radio station output around the fact that your core listener is a 38 year old female. So let’s talk about her for a few moments she is right in the centre of the 25/55 demographic.

What is her life like generally? Well she probably married or has a partner. She probably has children that go to the local school, her partner works locally and they have a nice apartment or house (nothing special but adequate). She probably has some disposable income after paying the mortgage but still has to budget to make ends meet. Her partner supports the local team and goes to matches from time to time. She shops locally for food and has spends large sums of money locally on necessary items like a cooker and washing machine and other major household items. She likes to keep the house and garden nice so she visits the local DIY and garden centre and spends some of her income there too. They eat out from time to time and know where the best restaurants are. They have two cars, a decent one they bought second hand and a little runabout she uses to get the kids to the local school. They can afford to take one holiday a year and more often than not that holiday is UK based. It is important to note that this 38 year old female is rooted in the community too, her family is part of the community and as a result she is interested in the community in lots of different ways. Her family have a sense of loyalty to the community too and will be interested in anything that goes on in the community. That means se buys the local paper regularly and likes to be aware of issues that could affect her family and her lifestyle.

If I build a station based on this core listener what would this station sound like? I suggest a specific focus on the three pillars of a good local station, 1)local/community information, 2)news (local and national and global) and, 3)Music. Generally I would base any long term strategy on good local information and entertainment. Local information Our core listener wants to hear local information because it may affect her either negatively or positively. She uses the roads everyday and wants to know if there are any problems that could affect her when she goes shopping, dropping the kids at school or may affect her partner on his way to or from work. Our core listener likes music and a venue in our area hosts really good acts from the late eighties and nineties. She will go along to these events if she knows they are on and will be a keen listener to interviews or competitions we broadcast to promote these events. Our core listener likes to support charity and like most people will gladly support events that raise money for these charities. The local Lions club run a car boot sale every Sunday morning with all funds raised going to the local hospice. Our core listener likes to go to these events and is comfortable that she is supporting and doing something positive for the local hospice so we promote the event but emphasise the benefit to the charity rather than the detail of the event itself other than location and time. We are also promoting events that may be of interest to her children. There are many events aimed at children and most would be an ideal way for our core listeners children to take part in so we promote those events and the benefit to our core listener too.

There is enough information here for me to justify the inclusion of travel news, local entertainment guide combined with the fact that I would regularly run promotions giving away tickets to shows or nights out in the local area. I would strengthen the radio station product by developing regular big on air promotions where the station is seen to be entirely responsible for organising shows and events in the area. These would be scheduled in advance across the year and would be ongoing. The station would have a family feel and promote events that would be beneficial to all the family.

To be continued….


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