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Danielle Porter – Review of the Music and Creative Technologies Conference

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

So what did we learn from the conference?
Firstly, when the sun shines not as many expected people want to sit in doors!   It was hot! hot! HOT! I was there with Bolton Fm for the first couple of hours co-ordinating an outside broadcast, Jonathan was the host – he’s a right cheeky chappy.. He interviewed Jo Hilditch, the tutor behind the event, who praised her students for organising the convention in such a short time…Well done guys! Thanks for the goodies.  Note to self – drinks and chocolate are all that’s needed to win me over.  Jonathan had a quick chat with Karen McBride - rock star photographer! I was impressed too; she told tales of how she began her career taking photo’s just for herself. Using her own spends she got deep down and dirty at Glastonbury – her mission, was to get some good snap shots of Pete Doherty the artist, rather than the drug fuelled charicature the papers depicted him as. It was one of these stills that got her noticed and lead to her being chosen to snap Robbie Williams.

The conference – I missed the first tete a tete as I was upstairs with the OB.  However, the whole day was filmed and will be available on the internet, I will give you the low down as soon as I am informed. So if you want to find out more about the music industry, keep your ears to the ground or more aptly keep your eyes on this website.

The second session was Creative Natives; How to earn a crust in the plate spinning world of creative industries?  The  panel included myself and peeps who worked in TV, photography and film.  The lessons learned: learn your trade, get as much experience as possible, be prepared to work for free, network, network and most importantly network! You need to get out there and make yourself known.  The highs include managing your own projects, seeing an idea grow from a little seed to a blossoming tree (a rubbish analogy I know,  I’m no English major), and being able to choose what to work on and who to work with. Now for the downsides; difficulties in obtaining funding, beging prepared to dig deep into your own pockets and oooh do I dare say it accounting, my top tip, do as I do, get an accountant!

The gossip - the discussion got a bit heated when a member of the audience asked for some photography tips, you will have to watch the tape to find out more.  At the end of the day, I think it was a good event and The Pips would happily attend again.

Danielle Porter


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