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Danny Steele – The Sony Awards

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Well the dust has settled on another Sony Awards and some people have got a nice paperweight to put on their desk or shelves. This blog is not going to be about the winners, purely because they are well documented (you can find a full list of winners and nominees here on the Radio Academy Website but more about a reflection on my first experience.

The Pips asked me to blog live from the event, but because of the lack of phone reception and unable to access their twitter account I couldn’t, so the compromising pictures of Wogan and Keveaney will have to wait another day!. However I have condensed the best bits into bite size portions:

Taxi Driver:

On the way to the venue, I asked my taxi driver who he listened to. This is what he genuinely said: ‘Nick Ferrari mate…love…mind you…I do listen to the OC on Absolute too…oh and I always catch Five Live does the Factoids? Oh Steve Wright..he’s great.. that Vicky Derbyshire too..I’ve listened to her..saying that..yes I do like Moyles, but where would he be without Chris Evans eh? Geoff and Annabel are great together..(looks at me in mirror) hey have you ever listened to Jack FM in the mornings…I live in Hertfordshire and they have loads of fun…’


There was much networking before the event – this is the crucial time to catch people you want to impress. i.e. before you (or they) get drunk and start dancing shambolically to Billy Ocean on the dance floor afterwards. No one wants to know about your latest demo having just watched you drunkenly shimmy along to ‘Caribbean Queen’.

‘Get On, Get Grateful and Get Off’

The winners were under strict instructions from Chris Evans, to Get On, Get Grateful and Get Off – there were 38 awards with some lovely food and performances from Alexandra Burke, Jessie J and Gary Barlow in between, therefore if you ever win one, make your speech snappy.


There were many highlights of the evening: having a good natter with Chris Evans, chatting to Ian Wright about the upcoming England Managers choice of players for Euro 2012, meeting the PD’s of many stations, standing next to Ronnie Wood at the urinals*

Most of the awards passed by quickly – however there were standing ovations for Beryl and Betty for scooping Gold (Best Entertainment programme) and Nicholas Parsons who has been hosting Just a Minute for 45 years. His thank you speech did not contain any repetition, hesitation or deviation, so he must have learned something in that time.


What I would say is everyone I spoke to wanted to be there, wanted to be in radio and loved being in radio. I spoke to presenters at the small stations right up to the producers of the largest ones, all had one thing in common – the drive. The love for the medium. This is what united everyone in the room.

I must thank the Radio Academy for being their usual fantastic selves in hosting the event, all of the stations involved and the listeners. If you do get a chance to go, take it!

Radio is an amazing area to work in and like my taxi driver I’m proud to be a listener.

*and yes I did have a quick peek. (you would wouldn’t you?..)

Danny is a presenter trained and represented by What Goes On Media. More information can be found on


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