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Danny Steele – A Square Peg in a Round Hole.

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

I assume that if you’re reading this then you have an interest in working in radio. I also assume you can probably present a radio show already, but the question is what kind of a radio show?!

I made an mistake early in my radio career when I thought “if you can present one radio show, you can present them all!!. Not True! At the risk of sounding obvious, if you are a square peg, you won’t fit into a round hole!!. The most successful presenters know this, they know their ‘brand’ and what they bring to a station. In other words, all presenters have their own selling points – do you know what yours are?

Something I didn’t consider when I realized that radio was where I wanted to be was ‘how do I fit into this station’? You can be a brilliant presenter, but if you are hawking your brilliance in the wrong station and wrong format, then those talents are wasted. As two of the stations I present for are commercial based, another question I ask is “how can I get my brand out there in a commercial format without losing who I am?without losing my brand?” Two people who gave me a massive help up and continue to do so are Sam Walker and Kate Cocker from What Goes On Media, they along with advice from Gavin and Danielle from The Pips allow me to not lose sight of who I am and develop a strong radio brand.

Occasionaly we hear national presenters like Christian O Connell (Absolute Radio Breakfast) on other stations like Radio 5 live, but the important thing to remember is it’s a measure of his talent that he can fit his ‘brand’ into different radio formats like 5 live. Examples like this are few and far between.

I have been told many times that I’m a good presenter, that people would like to listen to me and, more importantly, stay listening.  However its taken me a long time to work out which format was right for me.

Briefly, my background was in nursing (good people skills) before moving into stand up. I played good venues and built up a good reputation as a compere for my own nights I used to run (which I have now given up to pursue  a career in radio), so I knew I would have that comedy timing background for storytelling, that immediately took out stations which do not need those skills. I had an idea as to the stations I wanted to join, as those are the stations I listen to at home.

I use these skills in the stations I present for – in six months these have now doubled to four separate stations. It’s something that I would do for free as I am very passionate about it and for me, it’s not a job, it’s something I love to do. Most evenings are spent practicing links or editing some audio I’ve done. I am aware of my brand and aware what I can bring to a station. Are you?

As we all know radio doesn’t stop for anyone – My advice? Find your style…then find your station.

Danny is a stand up comedian and a presenter for Shoreditch Radio, 101.4, Zone One Radio and DIY Radio. Also lover of Marmite on toast.

You can visit Danny Steele’s website by clicking HERE


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