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Tom Campbell – Five Ugly Truths About Making It In Radio.

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About Us

What is The Pips?

Quite simply, The Pips is a website that has been created and designed to help you try and achieve whatever you want to do in the broadcasting industry. Whether you wish to be a presenter, producer, newsreader, a full time radio professional or your aim is to just help out your local community radio station for free, The Pips will try to help you achieve your goal. The Pips cannot guarantee you a job, but it can guarantee you genuine, honest help and advice. You will be able to read, for free, tips and interviews from people who currently work in radio. The interviews will range from people who volunteer for hospital radio, to people who make a living from community radio to some very successful radio professionals who work for big radio stations. The ultimate aim of The Pips is to help everyone, regardless of what you wish to do and where you wish to do it, take that next step closer to fulfilling your ambitions. Radio has always been a tough industry to try and break into, but it is tougher today than ever before. In commercial radio, there are fewer jobs with more people wanting them. You need more determination, ambition and self belief today to get into broadcasting and that is why The Pips is here, to help you.

The People

The co-founder and Director is Gavin (read about Gavin here) and he has been where you are and knows how hard it is to break into radio. Endless letter writing, sending emails, making phone calls and sending demos and sometimes you get very little in return for your effort. Well The Pips is here to encourage you and give you help and advice that sometimes can be very difficult to find if you have just decided you wish to work in radio and have no idea how to go about it.

Help and Advice

If you have a demo to showcase your abilities, The Pips will listen to your demo and give you honest feedback about what is good and what could be improved upon. This website is all about helping fresh new talent being able to showcase their abilities the best they can. We also offer the service to edit your demo for you. It is a long hard journey for most to break into radio, but it is well worth it. It is a rewarding, exciting industry to be involved in. If you want it bad enough, you will get the chance. Whether you wish to work at your local hospital/community radio station or you wish to work for your local commercial radio station, if you sign up to The Pips, we will do everything we can to help you.